Posted: June 15th, 2021

Build a computer from scratch | CS101 | ECPI University

I have to write a paper on building a computer from scratch. I have the initial paper and what I started with. I have to complete the paper by choosing my own parts.

  • The hard drive(s) must be of sufficient size to meet the intended use of the computer. Indicate the brand, model number, and key specifications such as spindle speed, access time, amount of cache (RAM on the hard drive). Also indicate the price and source of the drive(s).
  • The optical drive needs to be sufficient for loading the operating system and meet whatever other needs based on the intended use of the computer. Indicate whether you chose a CD, DVD, Blue-Ray, etc. and whether it is read-only, writable, or re-writable. Also indicate the price and source.
  • The video graphics expansion board (if desired) must exceed the capabilities of the onboard graphics of the motherboard. Whether you choose to purchase a graphics card or not, provide the rationale for this decision. If chosen, list the specifications (including types of video output such as VGA, DVI, HDMI, Display Port, etc.), the source, and the price. 
  • Obtain the case, power supply, and monitor for your computer. You may also include a printer if the intended use of the computer involves printing documents or pictures.
  • Include your analysis in your report. Be sure to list the major specifications, source, and price for each of these components.
  • List references used. References should relate to decision-making articles and texts, not just websites where you would purchase the product. All references must be in APA format.
  • Be sure your paper is appropriately formatted as indicated below: 

Included is my paper to add on to.

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