Posted: June 13th, 2021

Sociology paper | Social Science homework help

Short Answer Questions / Answer five (5) of the seven (7) questions below



1.     In the Rules of Sociological Method, what characteristics does Durkheim argue define social facts? Give an example. How can social facts be studied scientifically? Why is Durkheim concerned to mark off social facts from other kinds of facts?





2.     What does Durkheim mean by collective conscience? What is the relation of the collective conscience to each of the two types of social solidarity?



3.     In The Division of Labor in Society, what are the two types of social solidarity? What are the main characteristics of each?



4.     What are the four types of suicide that Durkheim describes as sociological phenomena? How does Durkheim define suicide for the purposes of his study? What are the social causes of each type?



5.     What is anomie?




6.     How does Durkheim define religion? How does it differ from magic?




7.     In The Elementary Forms of Religious Life, what does Durkheim mean by symbols and rituals, and how do they relate to his concepts of the sacred and the profane?

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