Posted: June 13th, 2021

Implementation, strategic controls,& contingency plans

please i need answer of 600 words good refrences and citiatio,n 0% PLAGIARISM  by answering this question


Discuss any required  strategies about structural/leadership/organizational change  that would enhance successful implementation 

put in mind this


Alibaba, China’s biggest net retailer, has engaged in a rare public row with one of the country’s watchdogs.


The spat was prompted by the regulator’s claim that Alibaba was “failing” to tackle illegal business being carried out on its platforms.


The company has reacted strongly  by accusing the watchdog of being “biased” and “wrong”, adding that it plans to file a formal complaint of its own.

About 279 million buyers, and 8.5 million sellers use the firm’s sites.


The company’s founder, Jack Ma, announced last week that he intended to swell its number of customers to two billion people within the next decade by expanding across the world, posing a threat to eBay, Amazon and others. A clash with the authorities in its home market could prove a distraction.


Alibaba previously acknowledged that its efforts to tackle the sale of counterfeit goods “may not always be successful”, in documents filed ahead of its $25bn (£16.4bn) share sale in the US last year.


However, the firm also stressed that it was taking a variety measures to tackle unlawful acts on its platforms, noting that Washington no longer places its Taobao marketplace and site on a list of “notorious markets”.

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