Posted: June 13th, 2021

Essay assignment: write a formal argument | Information Technology

Write a three page (900+ words) argument in about: Discrimination Against LGBT Community.

Claim: The human being is born endowed with biological characteristics that frame him as a male or female individual. In this context, several sexual behaviors diverge from this established biologic pattern, which causes social conflicts such as prejudice and exclusion. It occurs not only because of the attitudes of gender intolerance present in society but also because of the pre-established roles imposed on the individual.

You must use personal experience as evidence.

Defend your position with three reasons, plus evidence to back up each of those reasons.

Remember to consider the opposing side’s argument, and to refute (answer) it.

List your audience–those who disagree with your claim–at the top of your essay, after the title.

Example gave by the instructor:

Title: The Internet Provides a Good Form of Alternative Education

Audience: People who dislike the Internet or think it is just “fluff” entertainment, and people who haven’t yet formed a strong opinion on its value.

Claim: Tales of teen girls meeting dirty old men in chat rooms (and then meeting them in person), web pages that are devoid of cultural or educational value, and the popularity of cheap pornographic sites all contribute to a feeling among a segment of the U.S. that the Internet is the “devil’s window.” Despite this, the Internet has become, in the last fifteen years, an extremely popular source of entertainment and information. But that’s not all–the Internet is also a good form of alternative education. Besides the fact that online courses for credit are quickly becoming an established part of formal college and high school students’ lexicon, there are three main ways the Internet can educate and help us pursue better lives outside formal courses for credit: it promotes learning about other cultures, it provides a convenient way to continue one’s informal education, and it offers an inexpensive and effective way to express oneself. Let’s look at each of these in more detail.

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