Posted: June 13th, 2021

Bootstrapping effect on sequence learning


Bootstrapping effect on SEQUENCE LEARNING

Participants will score higher in sequence memory test in the STATIC KEYPAD conditions than in the SINGLE and the RANDOM KEYPAD conditions

1. Bootstrapping effect on ITEM NAMING

Participants will score higher in surprise object naming test in the STATIC KEYPAD conditions than in the SINGLE and the RANDOM KEYPAD conditions

TASK 1: Select the correct test to Address the experimental hypotheses

1.       Please describe the correct inferential statistical tests to use to test Hypothesis 1 and Hypothesis 2. The same type of analysis may need to be used for both sets of hypotheses, though the analysis will have to be carried out separately for hypotheses (1) and (2). Insert your answer in the box below

Click or tap here to enter text.

2.       Please identify the dependent variable for the analysis addressing Hypothesis 1:

Choose an item.

3.       Please identify the dependent variable for the analysis addressing Hypothesis 2:

Choose an item.

The data for the sections below are available in the file Workshop 3 and long report data.xlsx which can be downloaded from the Hub.

Task 2 – Evaluate Hypotheses 1(a) and 1(B)

PLEASE EXCLUDE: Any participant with a score of 0 on SEQUENCE LEARNING on the basis that that participant did not engage with the key activity on the study (probably just pressed enter over and over again to get through as quickly as possible – a risk in online studies!)

Then complete the following activities

4.       Please complete the following table of means and standard deviations

Table 1: Summary of mean score for sequence learning broken down by DISPLAY. Standard deviations in parentheses.


Single Item Display

Static Keypad   Display

Random Keypad   Display



Enter (Enter)

Enter (Enter)

Enter (Enter)

5.       Please draw a graph of these data below (if doing this in a report, it is better to use a computer package to complete the graph – copying in from Jamovi is fine.

6.       Please conduct the test you have selected for the answer to (1) above and summarize the key outcome.

Effect of DISPLAY: f(—, —) = —,  = — ,p = —
Please indicate whether the effect is statistically significant:

Effect of DISPLAY:                                                                Significant ☐        Not Significant ☐

For hypothesis 1 to be supported there needs to be a significant main effect of display alongside BOTH a significant difference between single item and static keypad AND a significant difference between random keypad and static keypad conditions. You will need to conduct post-hoc t-tests to establish this.

7.       Please indicate whether Hypothesis 1 is supported     Supported ☐       Not Supported ☐

8.       Please draft a conclusion for the study with regards to the sequence learning dependent variable. Please use a maximum of 2 sentences. One sentence in the pair should explain the pattern of data relevant to the hypothesis, and the evaluate whether the hypothesis was supported, while the second should explain whether the hypothesis was supported by these data.

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