Posted: June 12th, 2021

Social media | Education homework help


Pick a company that uses social media as a marketing and branding tool. Review at least three social media accounts your company of choice uses and assess the following:

1. In your opinion, what kind of image is the company trying to create using their social media accounts? Please use specific examples (tweets, Facebook posts, etc.)

2. How does this company use social media as a branding tool? How are they conveying what they are and do through social media?

3. Are users responding to the company’s social media posts? If so, how are they responding?

4. Do you think the company you are assessing has an effective strategy for using social media as a marketing tool?

Please write this paper in essay format, not question and answer format.

At least two sources should be used and cited in APA style. You are encouraged to use specific examples from social media accounts to support your point of view.

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