Posted: June 12th, 2021

Nmsu business assignment 2 | Business & Finance homework help

Rubic Attached 

Assignment 2

This assignment contains two parts valued at 100 points per part. Both parts must be completed to obtain the maximum possible points. Please remember, it is expected that each student will formulate their responses with sufficient depth, quantity, and quality to fully answer the questions.

Each chapter should be at least one page in length with a separate reference page at the end of the document.

They need to be broad enough in scope to show some thorough thought and not just a couple of wimpy textbook paragraphs blabber. They need to show some college level scholarly depth. Likely will need some Internet research to make them awesome! Hint- Hint…!

Also please remember utilizing the Test Taking Tips, the APA Guide, the Rubric, a Dictionary and all available computer tools is essential to raising scores and avoiding point deductions.

Chapter 6

Describe in detail, at least one (1) advantage and one (1) disadvantage of franchising for the franchisor and at least one (1) advantage and one (1) disadvantage for the franchisee.

Chapter 7

First Identify and then describe two (2) opportunities and two (2) threat to the success of small businesses.

Please refer to the written assignment grading rubric to fully understand what the assignment expectation are and how they will be assessed.

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