Posted: June 12th, 2021

Leadership admiration | Psychology homework help

Please write a paper with ALL aspects of the assignment asked. Answers are I. Parentheses ( ). APA, 2 sources referenced…

A leader whom you admire (Kimball Patton, MD) You will explore what makes them a good leader, (Transformational Leader-qualities) As a nurse manager, How you can incorporate the techniques that they use, and how making these changes will make you a better leader. 

Here are the requirements for the assignment:

1. Include a title page

2. Include a separate page that provides the following information:

• The person’s first name.

• How you know him/her. (Worked with him for 3 years in a hospital where I am the manager & he is the chief of anesthesia)

• Their current title in the leadership role. (Chief of Anesthesia Services)

• How long they have been in their current leadership role. (2 years-5th time in role)

• The theory that supports their leadership style, type, and pattern. (Transformational Leadership Style)

3. On another page, address the following points:

• The interviewee’s greatest challenge as a leader according to them. (Greatest challenge is work collaboration)

• The interviewee’s greatest strength as a leader according to them. (Leads by example)

• The interviewee’s greatest weakness as a leader according to them. (Sometimes prejudge people from initial complaint instead of hearing both sides)

4. In your conclusion, address the following:

• What makes your interviewee a good leader in your opinion? (He’s a good listener, wants to get the job done attitude, wants to meet hospital initiatives & metrics)

• How can you incorporate the techniques that they use, so that you can become a better leader? (Take the time out to listen & not responding in a spontaneous manner)

• How can these changes make you a better leader? (More team members will see me as approachable & not have spontaneous reactions/responses when not necessary)

Writing Requirements (APA format)

• Microsoft Word

• Written as a report

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