Posted: June 12th, 2021

Educational psychology – teaching movie analysis

 Find a movie that has a teacher as one of the main protagonists..and the plot involves teaching in some capacity. 

Here are a few suggestions…

Mr. Holland’s Opus

Stand and Deliver

Dead Poet’s Society

Dangerous Minds

(I’m sure you can find many others)

Discuss the relationship between the main characters, the events, and the plot of the movie to the concepts and theorists we have discussed in Module 1. 

Here is an outline:

  • Cognitive Development
  • The Self, Social, and Moral Development
  • Learner Differences and Learning Needs
  • Language Development, Language Diversity, and Immigrant Education
  • Culture and Diversity

There are many theorists and theories presented therein. 

Grab some popcorn and think about these questions:

In relation to these above concepts…..

What concepts/theories can you identify?   How?  Why? 

What is happening pedagogically? 
What is effective, meaningful learning?  Why?

If you see a scenario in which the teaching is less than stellar…what advice can you offer?  ( you need not include actual in-text citations and reference list but do explain your rationale).  

You should sound as if you are a professional educator discussing this movie (smile).  

Name drop…if you know what I mean (smile).  

Keep your response to two pages.   

Compose as a WORD document or PDF and upload in the assignment link.  Do not submit as text.

Please have a look at the grading rubric for this assignment. 

But above all…..HAVE FUN!!   These movies will never be the same…. 

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