Posted: June 12th, 2021

200 bd | Education homework help

1.   Completing this learning activity will help you to create recruitment guidelines and retention strategies and explain why they will appeal to a diverse workforce (Unit Learning Outcomes 7.1 and 6.1).

Even though our society has become more diverse, the same trend has not happened as quickly in the business industry. One reason for this is that individuals from today’s underrepresented groups are often first-generation college graduates who do not have a mentor or role model to look up to and follow.

For this discussion forum, consider how you would implement a mentoring program within your company (your company can either be real or hypothetical). Why would this mentoring program be important, and how would you measure the success of such an initiative? In addition, discuss how a mentoring program might improve the retention of underrepresented groups.

2.   The purpose of this discussion board forum is to determine where your current or former organization should place its energy in terms of developing a diversity and inclusion strategy that will fit into the organization’s level of readiness based on the current state of the organization’s culture. Completing this learning activity will help to better prepare you to explain the dimensions of an organization’s diversity and inclusivity (Unit Learning Outcome 8.2).

If you do not yet have any experience working for an organization, you may consider an educational institution or an organization that you are familiar with. To guide your response, consider the following questions:

  1. What is the company’s current level of focus on diversity and inclusion?
  2. How does the top leadership team feel about and approach diversity and inclusion?
  3. What are the current focuses and priorities for the organization?
  4. What resources are available to support diversity and inclusion?
  5. How much “work” is your organization willing to exercise in order to focus on improving diversity and inclusion?

Based on your responses to the above questions, provide your summary of your chosen organization’s ability to change its culture to include diversity and inclusion. In addition, provide specific suggestions as to how the organization can make improvements to its culture to include everyone and to make everyone feel accepted.

This is Discussion Board, please keep them number.  only 250 words per questions

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