Posted: June 12th, 2021

10 powerpoint slides on climate change, and its connection to

Choose a topic that is interesting to you (it can be anything) and tie it back to Evolution course. You need to specifically connect your topic back to content from three chapters and you need to explicitly explain the content from the book and its connection to your topic. Any movie format is fine. Creativity (like writing a song or performing a play) gets you up to 15 pts bonus.

These are the chapters studied in class, connect the chosen topic back to three of the following: 

Early Evolutionary Thought

Geological Inference


Genetics Review

Evo Devo

Natural Selection


Parental Care




Brains and Behavior

Hominid Evo & Evolutionary Medicine.

3 minutes +/- 30 seconds long for one person. For each bulleted category below, you will be graded on 1. verbal  communication (how well do you explain the topic – with your own voice?); 2. video/image quality (do you have different pictures/figures/graphs for each distinct topic you present?); 3. understanding of content (have you demonstrated mastery of the topic?)

  • Background on/explanation of topic – 33.3 pts
    • What is the topic you are interested in? Why is it of interest to you?
  • Explanation of content from three chapters from book – 33.3 pts
    • For each chapter, briefly explain the content you are selecting (i.e. explain how ardipthecus’ skeleton was modified for bipedalism)
  • Explanation of relationship between your topic and the content from the book – 33.3 pts
    • For content from the book you have selected, explain how it is related to your topic of interest.

You can not rip a video from the internet and add your own voice and text. You must assemble your own collection of pictures/videos/graphs/drawings (but you can use pictures from the internet as long as you appropriately reference them).

External content cited?

All voiceovers those of presenters? 

On-screen text limited to bullet points that are verbally elaborated? (do not put multiple sentences of text on the screen at once, do not just read from the screen)

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