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1. According to what Maddelana writes on pages 181-182, how has scientific writing changed in terms of its use of first-person point of view?  Write a few sentences in answering this question.

2. On pages 184-185, what does Maddelana say about you as an “expert”?

3. As you wrote your personal research narrative essay, did you find yourself “questioning the experts” in the way that Maddelena describes?  Please share at least one instance in your paper in which this occurred.

4. On pages 185-186, Maddelena mentions that the “I-less mode is tricky.”  What does she mean?  Why does a paper that does not use “I” become more tricky to interpret, according to Maddelena?

5. If you were to give a writer advice about when to use “I” and when not to use “I,” what advice would you provide?  Try to use Maddelena’s essay to inform your response.  Your response can be a short paragraph.

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