Travel and tourism project | Article writing homework help


Find three (3) ARTICLES from news media sources which relate directly to this course especially “Chapter 20. Tourism’s Future.” For each article write a TWO (2) PARAGRAPH SYNOPSIS or SUMMARY about that current article which relates directly to “UNWTO Tourism to the Year 2020” (see Chapter 20 PPT pp. 4-5). Please pick one topic from “UNWTO Tourism to the Year 2020.” 

Keep your eyes and ears open to what global tourism issues/topics and which locations are making it into the current media. Where do you see concepts and issues from this course discussed in the media? 

• Look in the newspapers. 

• Look in magazines. 

• Look on the Internet. 

• Look on television. 

Be sure to use news sources. 

Be sure that each media article relates to one topic of “UNWTO Tourism to the Year 2020.”

It is very important that you cite all sources. If you use things from a WEB site, or from anywhere else, be sure to cite and reference it. 

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