Watch a 9 min video and write a 100-200 words response

Watch short video essay, “Frames and Containers” (Charlie Lyne, 2017 9 min.) which is a rumination on Sergei Eisenstein and ‘the frame.’ Eisenstein (who was making films and writing about film in the 1920s and 1930s) was a Russian filmmaker and theorist who was located on the ‘formalist’ end of the film theory spectrum (as you remember, in the Introduction and in Chapter 1 of their book, E+M describe a tension or division within film theory– between formalist and realist approaches). After you have watched, reflect (100-200 words) on how the video describes what a ‘frame’ is and it’s relationship to its ‘container.’ How do you understand what a frame is? what a ‘container’ is? 

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