Posted: June 4th, 2021

Write an article | Article writing homework help


Please work with your group to summarize Bill McDonald’s article. Your summary should be two pages (600-650 words) long, in MLA format, listing the name of each participant in your breakout room who attended and contributed for the entire session.

  1. To begin your summary, tell who wrote the essay, the name of the essay, and what the writer’s main point or project is.  You should be able to do this is one short paragraph.  (For example: In his essay, “ ‘Is it Too Late to Educate the Eye?’: David Lurie, Richard of St. Victor, and ‘vision as eros’ in Disgrace” Coetzee scholar Bill McDonald claims David Lurie, the main character of Coetzee’s Disgrace, goes through a significant change. One understand this change more fully by understanding the writings of Richard of St. Victor, an eleventh century mystic and the object of one of Lurie’s three books, mentioned in the opening of Coetzee’s novel.)
  2. The second paragraph of your summary might briefly explain Richard of St. Victor’s work and how it relates to Disgrace. You will want to limit this to 1-2 very short paragraphs.
  3. In your third section you might explain the history of the visionary and mysticism in Coetzee’s body of work. Again one paragraph is all you will want to use.
  4. Next in THREE paragraphs you might tell McDonald’s main case or argument for a change in Lurie—the three great visions, explaining the arc or change apparent in each vision.
  5. Finally you will want to summarize McDonald’s conclusion—what McDonald sees as the relationship between erotic vision, aesthetics (or appreciation of beauty), and ethical action. This could be done in one paragraph.

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