Posted: June 4th, 2021

Usw1 ddba 8307 week 7 assignment

Submit a synthesis of statistical findings derived from Two-Way Contingency Table Analysis Using Crosstabs test that follows the Week 7 Assignment Template. Your synthesis must include the following:

· An APA Results section for the “Two-Way Contingency Table Analysis Using Crosstabs”

· Only the critical elements of your SPSS output: 

  • A properly formatted research      question
  • A properly formatted H10(null)      and H1a (alternate) hypothesis
  • A descriptive statistics      narrative and properly formatted descriptive statistics table
  • A properly formatted cluster      bar
  • A properly formatted      inferential APA Results section
  • An      Appendix that includes the SPSS output generated for descriptive and      inferential statistics [Examples of SPSS output are found on pp. 268–269      of Green and Salkind (2017).]

Note: You will cut and paste the appropriate SPSS output into the Appendix. The SPSS output is not in APA format so you will need to type the information from the SPSS output to the appropriate sections of the APA table. You must use the Week 7 Assignment Template to complete this Assignment. 

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