Posted: June 4th, 2021

Marketing strategies dq and responses


Subject: Marketing Strategies

Q1. During the term you have explored various topics and challenges.  Share what you learned about global marketing and how you will apply what you have learned moving forward to your current role. 

Note: 150 words with intext citations and references must.


Q2. Please read the below paragraph and write your opinion on it. Write your ideas and 

suggestions for moving forward.

Note: 150 words with intext citations and references must.

Time comes very fast, Marketing strategies becomes one of my best course during this semester. In this course I have learned many things about how organization are selling there products and service in this competitive environment. From the starting of the course how markets research their products to how they sell products and service. At the starting stages of the course it will becomes difficult to understand the concepts of marketing strategies. later weeks after participating in discussion and guidance provided by the professor makes it possible to complete the course.

In the coming years this subject will be greatly useful in my professional career. And i have learned many things and Marketing mix will be one the main topic which I have learned many things based on that topic and also pricing topic how organization price their products based on the marketing conditions. I will be very thankful to professor for guiding me throughout the course by giving suggestions to improve myself in the course.

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