Posted: June 4th, 2021

Discussion post | CORRECTIONS AND PENOLOGY CJC3010 | University of Central Florida

Research an inmate program within a US correctional institution (i.e. jail or prison) and provide a summary.  The program can be a behavioral, educational, vocational, parenting, substance abuse, or veteran program. 

 Please include the following in your summary:

  • name and location of the institution
  • facility details (i.e. size, average population, security level, type of institution, etc.)
  • the program’s mission/purpose/goals
  • criteria/eligibility of the program
  • who oversees the program (line staff or professional staff)
  • how long has the program been in existence
  • length of program
  • components of the program
  • benefits of the program to the inmate, the community, and the corrections department
  • incentives for the inmate to participate in the program
  • success rates/recidivism rates of program participants
  • number of inmates currently in the program and number who have completed the program

Also, include your overall thoughts and feelings about prison/jail programs?  Some things that you can discuss:

  • Do you think that they really benefit the inmate and the community?   Why?
  • Do you believe these programs are effective?  If not, how could they be more effective?
  • Do you believe that inmates should get free programming?  If so, why and what types of “free services” or programs should an inmate receive while in prison?  If not, why not?
  • Do you think that participation in prison programs should be voluntary or mandated as an attempt to rehabilitate incarcerated individuals?

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