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There are several factors that drive our food choices from genetic influences to environmental. It is important that before advising individuals changes that should be made to their diet, you find out the reasoning for their current choices.

Instructions: Choose a family member or friend to interview about their food choices. Upload a 3-minute interview onto VoiceThread. Guide the interview to discover what factors influence their nutritional choices (accessibility, financial, enjoyment, etc.). What do they think drove this factor? Was it something that was environmental influenced? What sort of influences would need to change in order for them to adapt healthier habits? By self-reflecting how can this improve their overall health status?

Be sure to inform your interviewee they will be videotaped and the video will be uploaded in a forum for class viewing.

Audio, visual and clarity will be evaluated in addition to content – see the attached rubric for exactly how your score will be calculated.

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