Posted: May 31st, 2021

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Comparing Two Arguments

For this paper, you will compare two articles on the issue of the role of a college education: “My Struggles with Anti-Intellectualism” by Paul Stoller and “What’s Wrong with Vocational School?” by Charles Murray. To compare the arguments of Stoller and Murray, follow the directions below. Outline their different arguments, explaining where they contradict one another and identifying claims that are different but not directly contradictory. What are some of the reasons the authors give to justify their claims?

Content and Organization

1. In your introduction, introduce the two authors, their backgrounds (if possible), and the topic they discuss. Write about how the authors organize their texts and develop their claims.

2. In your first internal paragraphs(s), discuss the claim and at least two problems that Stoller discusses. Provide specific evidence from the text to support your comments.

3. In your second internal paragraphs(s), present Murray’s claim and at least two problems that the author presents. Provide specific evidence from the text to support your comments.

4. In two or three additional paragraphs, compare/contrast the different arguments.

a. You may compare argument strategies such as types of evidence, language style, or organization/structure. Support your comparison with examples from the text.

b. You may also compare the problems that each author mentions, including the differences between the problems and the ways they are presented in the text. For example, both authors believe that education is important, but they differ in their opinions on the role or purpose of an education.

5. Conclude with a statement in which you sum up the similarities and differences between the two texts. You can mention not only claims and evidence, but audience(s), purpose(s), and writer’s tone. You may also give your opinion about which argument was more effective.

Paper Length and Format

· Typed (12 point Times New Roman font)

· Double-spaced (space between lines)

· One-inch margin all around the page

· 4 pages (not including References page)

· References Page in APA format that references the two articles

· Submit PDF file

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