Posted: May 31st, 2021

Only for the grade | Psychology homework help

 Students Select A Case Study (That Is, A Philosophically Interesting Chinese Artworks) And Apply Notions And Concepts Examined In Discussing The Notion Of Authorship To A Critical Discussion Of An Example Of Chinese Art.  There are 5 assignments in total (A1-A5). In each assignment, students select a case study (that is, a philosophically interesting Chinese artworks) and apply the notions and concepts examined in class to a critical discussion of an example of Chinese art. Assignments are intended to help students’understanding of the material discussed and to put into use the theoretical issues brought up in class. Each assignment is worth 10 pt. Assignments should be type-scripted (no hand-written documents are considered acceptable). You should use a Times New Roman fonts, 12 pt, 1in margin on each side, letter format. The essay should be (circa) 2 page long. You can use the Chicago Manual of Style for citation (footnote). Please, you should also include your name, the number of the assignment, the date, and the semester in the document  

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