Posted: May 31st, 2021

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 During my time in the service I remember having a mission given to us without full detail information off the entire mission.  Now off course this is not the first-time that information that was given by the military and it wasn’t the best or very precise. With this mission we were given instruction to bring in a specific target. We proceeded to advance the target. We breeched the home and started our search for the target. During our search we found a family inside, three kids a young lady, and older lady. Inside we also found two males a young man and an older gentleman. We notice that neither of the men had fit the description. During our search one of our troops spotted someone exiting out the home next door. The gentleman was said to be walking at a quick pace holding his head down as if he wasn’t trying not to be seen. Once we apprehended the individual. We realize that he was indeed the target. Our command gave us bad intel in other words the wrong address. This almost cause us to apprehend our shoot the wrong individual as well as loose the target. I defiantly am aware of the importance of correct information. I think if we had taken more time with our intel and not rush the information, we could have prevented that almost horrible situation.  

QUESTION::::  Discussion Board Question

Many other countries have but a single, unified police force. Do you believe that implementing a national police force of this type would work in the United States? Why, or why not? Provide examples.

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