Posted: May 29th, 2021

interdependence and bidirectional relationship between reward systems


Many scholars have argued for the interdependence and bidirectional relationship between reward systems (pay and benefits) and organizational cultures. One of the most commonly used classification of organizational cultures is the Competing Values Framework (CVF)Considering the organization you currently work for (or an organization you have worked for in the past), Complete the (OCAI) questionnaire( The results are attached below)


  1. Share your results from taking Organizational Culture Assessment Instrument. What is your personal assessment of the current and preferred culture in your organization and is there a difference between the two? How does this compare with others in the same sector?
  2. Given your readings on reward systems, and your research on the relationships between reward systems and organizational cultures:
    1. Describe the relationship between your current organizational culture and its reward systems (pay and benefits) – is there an alignment between the two?
    2. Offer some suggestions for better aligning your organizations reward systems and current organizational culture

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