Posted: May 29th, 2021

Home assignment 1 | Management homework help

Please choose a topic based and the attached PPTs and write 5 pages of analytical summarized papers.  Paper should provide an outstanding level of presentation and discussion of the topics 

– Paper should demonstrate an outstanding level of understanding of the topic and/or inclusion of application of the topic to a management or business situation.  In addition to following the instructor’s format guidelines and providing reader-oriented organization, the paper has virtually no grammatical or spelling errors and includes outstanding use of appropriate tables, graphs, etc.  

Writing Instruction:

Style (APA)


Use of headings

Use of tables, graphs, charts, maps, diagrams, etc. when appropriate

Use of appendices when appropriate

Provide a list of references and/or use of endnotes where appropriate to the assignment

Proper grammar


Appropriate use of words


Chapter 6 – Governmental Influence on Trade

Chapter 7 – Cross National Cooperation and Agreements

Chapter 8 – Global Foreign Exchange Markets

Chapter 9 – The Determination of Exchange Rates

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