Posted: May 29th, 2021

Essay :argument about the practices and technologies discussed in the

Article:  On TikTok, Teens Meme Life360, the Safety App Ruining Their Social Lives | WIRED 

Your assignment is to craft a short essay (750-1000 words) that responds to the piece or makes an argument about the practices and technologies discussed in the article. Please do not look at this as an opportunity to “both sides” an issue, but rather as an opportunity to articulate a stance and expand/explore your position.

Just as before, you should use the organic paper style that is laid out in Guptill Chapter 3.

You should use at least 1 additional credible sources in your response–not including the original article.

Please use MLA format with in-text citation. If you are not familiar, you can find instructions here: (Links to an external site.)

My thoughts about this article :  Parents been tracking their teenagers through the life360 app. Teenagers don’t like to be tracked by their parents. TikTok has been a huge app for teenagers, they express their life experience, and telling their life stories through the app 

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