Posted: May 29th, 2021

250 words writing to answer the question by 2 steps

(question: what are some simple ways we as humans can do to save our whales from being completely extinct later on?)

  1. Find and discuss one action that is being taken to reverse the decline of orcas. What did you learn can be done to potentially reverse the decline of orcas? Do you think it can work? Include a link to where you found your information (~100 words). Some suggestions of things to search for:
    • The Govenor’s Southern Resident Orca Task Force
    • Local groups that are working to protect salmon, reduce noise, etc
  2. Reflection: Whether you identify as a member of Salish Sea tribes, you grew up in the Pacific Northwest, or you are a more temporary resident to this area, orcas often ignite strong feelings and deep connection with all people in our region. After contemplating all of the material from this week, write a reflection of how this material has made you feel. (~100 words)

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