Posted: May 29th, 2021

1. complete a real (not pretend) work plan for your chapter 13 | business | University of Central Oklahoma


Refer to Activity 11.8 Preparing a Work Plan, found on page 429 in your textbook. Create a “REAL” work plan for your Analytical Research Report (that will be due for Chapter 13). The problem 11.8 directs you to another location to choose a topic for your work plan, but I want you to do the work plan for your Analytical Research Report. 

First, make sure you understand your Chapter 13 Analytical Research Report. Refer to page 515, Activity 13.13  Formal Business Report:  Gathering Data for International Expansion.  This is your Analytical Research Report Topic.  Select a country (where English is not the native language) and research social norms and customs of your chosen country).  Do not research geographic information, business plan information, or marketing information – research cultural dimensions and how people interact.

Then, for this assignment, you will complete an entire Work Plan for the report. Use the “Figure 13.6 Research Topics” file in Moodle to help you create an outline. (Select topics that are interesting, because you will research these for your chapter 13 report.). The work schedule part of the work plan should be the actual steps you are taking to complete your research report, not hypothetical steps you might take if you were really expanding your business.

Format your Work Plan like this link, save it as a Word document, and submit it as an attachment to this drop box.

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