Posted: May 18th, 2021

Reflection | Management homework help


This optional assignment is specially targeting those who are seeking to improve their grades. There is scientific evidence that self-reflection is a critical component of active learning and of inspiring deep thinking. The objective is to apply the theories learned throughout the course to your personal and professional life (your family life, career, etc.). For example, how has what we’ve learned made you better? How can you apply your new knowledge to other problems? What is its significance in the real world? The document should be about 4-5 pages double spaced with font size 11. I am expecting that you connect your learning to specific aspects of your experience, that is significant and relevant based on evidence and supported with examples. My criteria for grading are: (a) how well you apply the theories to your situations to come up with explanations applicable to you (the appropriate choice and use of a theoretical framework); (b) whether you understand the limitations of the theory; and (c) finally whether you articulate a plan of action based on your resources and aspirations for the next one to three years. Because this is a bonus assignment, I am not going to provide a template or rubric for further instructions. Additionally, there is a binary grading for this assignment: either you get all the points or none. I discourage you to submit this assignment unless you have spent at least 20 hours working on this assignment. 

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