Posted: May 18th, 2021

Ccj 4054 dis 1 | Criminal homework help

You are taking an essay exam in a college classroom. The test is closed book and closed notes, yet you look up and see that the person sitting next to you has hidden under his blue book a piece of paper filled with notes, which he is using to answer some questions. What would you do? Would your answer change if the test was graded on curve? What if the student were a friend? What would you do if the student was flunking the course and was going to lose the scholarship he needed to stay in school? What about a situation of plagiarism? Would you turn in a student if you knew he or she had turned in a plagiarized paper? Why or why not? If someone cheats in school, isn’t it likely that he or she will be less honest as a criminal justice professional?

Watch VideoEthical Cheating – Dr. Arthur HarkinsDuration: 3:28
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