Posted: May 17th, 2021

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Choose only one (1) of the following scenarios. Answer the questions for your chosen scenario using a “Question and Answer” format. The entire paper should be 1 – 2 pages in length.

Scenario #1: Setting Goals

Ally is a 4-year old girl, whose mom just had a baby three weeks ago. Throughout the day at pre-school, Ally has begun talking like a baby and wants to be held often. This is perfectly normal behavior when a new sibling arrives.

  1. Answer all of the following questions or prompts with complete sentences:
  2. Identify and describe two (2) strategies Ally’s teacher can implement to help Ally with her behavior.
  3. What long-term goal would you set? What short-term goal would you set?
  4. What advice would you give Ally’s family, to help improve her behavior at home?


Scenario #2: Mistaken Behavior

Carrie has three boys and drops off her middle son, Sebastian, who is almost three, at the childcare center 20 minutes before the other children in his class arrive. Because of Carrie’s work schedule, this needs to happen every morning. Sebastian really enjoys playing in the block area and is happy playing with two of his imaginary friends, “Bob” and “Conroy.” Sebastian is in such a great mood during this time! He laughs and shares the blocks with his “friends.” As soon as another child arrives at the center and wants to play in the block area too, Sebastian screams, “NO! This is MY block place! Go away!” He cries and is inconsolable for at least 30 minutes. He falls to the floor kicking and screaming, seemingly unconcerned about hurting anyone he might kick during his tantrum.

  1. Answer all of the following questions or prompts with complete sentences:
  2. Which level of Mistaken Behavior is Sebastian displaying?
  3. Identify two (2) possible reasons Sebastian might be having this tantrum.
  4. Which democratic life skill is Sebastian needing support with?
  5. Identify and describe three (3) strategies you could implement that would guide Sebastian’s behavior and teach him alternative ways to get what he is missing.

TIP: Be sure to use at least one (1) outside resource to support your work and cite it properly on an APA formatted References page. The source(s) should help support your positions on the items above.

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