Marking questions | Marketing homework help


Using the University’s Library database (link provided in the Getting Started folder), locate and review the

following articles:

Dawar, N. & Bendle, N. (2019).  Marketing in the age of Alexa.  Harvard Business Review.

De Swann Arons, M.; van den Driest, F.; Weed, K. (2014).  The ultimate marketing machine.  Harvard Business Review.

Lafley, A. G. & Martin, R. L. (2017).  Customer loyalty is overrated:  Focus on habit instead.  Harvard Business Review.

McGrath, R. G. (2017).  Old habits die hard, but they do die.  Harvard Business Review.

Levitt, T. (1975).  Marketing Myopia.  Harvard Business Review.

Reeves, M.; Love, C.; & Tillmanns, P. (2012).  Your strategy needs a strategy.  Harvard Business Review.

Rust, R. T.; Moorman, C.; & Bhalla, G. (2010).  Rethinking Marketing. Harvard Business Review.

Simons, R. (2014).  Choosing the right customer.  Harvard Business Review.

After reviewing the articles, prepare a 500-word synopsis of the marketing

management concepts and issues discussed in the articles.

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