Posted: May 12th, 2021

The next 15 hours | Information Systems homework help

CSIS 100 – Lab 5:

Adobe Muse – Building a Portfolio Website


Adobe Muse – An application used to create website without HTML coding.

Portfolio Website – A professional portfolio website is used in the interviewing process.


Before you begin this lab, you will need to install Adobe Creative Cloud and Muse from the Desktop Apps.


1.       Adobe Creative Cloud

2.       Muse – Creative Cloud Desktop Apps


Assignment Instructions:

1.       Download the “Adobe Muse – building your first website” PDF from the following link.  

2.       Download the Data files for Katie’s Café from Blackboard or use the following link.

3.       Save and Unzip the above Data Files to your Desktop.

4.       Open the “Adobe Muse – building your first website”

5.       Open Adobe Muse Application

6.       Using the “Adobe Muse – building your first website” PDF as a guide to help you create a Portfolio Website containing 5 pages.

Page 1:  Home (This page should resemble a splash page stating your name, creating a logo, containing an image that defines you, and the navigation bar.)

Page 2:  About (This page should written similar to a cover letter.)

Page 3:  Resume (This page will display your resume; therefore, find an appropriate way to display your resume.)

Page 4:  Portfolio (This page should show your course work or internship projects.)

Page 5:  Contact (This page will contain a form that you create, which will allow employers to contact you.)




For example:   Joe Smith will save his website as JSmith_Lab5



Publish your site to the Adobe creative cloud and submit the link to your site to Blackboard by pasting it into the appropriate assignment link.

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