Posted: May 12th, 2021

Payroll accounting quiz week 3

1. Under enterprise coverage, all employees of a business are covered by the FLSA if the organization is:


Under individual employee coverage, the worker is covered by the FLSA if:


Under the FLSA, regular rate of pay does not include:

In August 2009, the minimum hourly wage was:

The tips received by a tipped employee are less than $5.12 of the minimum hourly tip credit rate. The maximum permissible tip credit is:

Under the FLSA, overtime pay is required for:

Workers exempt from all of the FLSA requirements include:

If an employer is unable to obtain a certificate of age or a work permit for a minor employee, the employer may rely upon what document as evidence of age?

Which of the following is not required by the FLSA?

Those tasks that employees must perform and which include any work of consequence performed for the employer are known as:

Rest periods and coffee breaks may be required by all of the following except:

Training sessions are counted as working time when the following condition is met:

The Wage and Hour Division allows the practice of recording an employee’s starting and stopping time to:

Under the continental system of recording time, 9:20 p.m. is recorded as:

If an employee works two jobs at two different wage rates for the same employer during the same payweek, any overtime pay must be calculated by using an overtime hourly rate of:

Employers may pay nonexempt employees who work fluctuating schedules a fixed salary. In these cases, the extra pay is:


To determine a pieceworker’s regular hourly rate for one week:

A stated percentage of revenue paid an employee who transacts a piece of business or performs a service is called:

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