Posted: May 9th, 2021

Marketing assignment 3 | Marketing homework help



By now, you should have discussed your ideas about this case with others in your group. You are required to individually complete your analysis of the case and complete your own written answers to the questions below. This individual case study assignment is due in Week 9. Late assignments, without a valid reason, will not be accepted and will receive a grade of zero.




·       Read and analyze the case, “Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation: Corporate Sponsorship Choices.”


·       Submit your answers to the following questions (maximum total length: 2 pages single-spaced):


1.      What company (or companies) do you propose that the Foundation partner with? Explain why.

1.      Which proposals are most lucrative for the Foundation?

2.      What are the risks and benefits associated with each proposal?


2.      What are the challenges for the Foundation going forward?

1.      How can these challenges be overcome?


2.      What can CBCF do to strengthen the relationships with its corporate sponsors?

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