Posted: May 8th, 2021

Journal: cartoon analysis | English homework help

1) Review the suggestions presented in the handout “Visual Arguments,” as well as the techniques for persuasion identified in the “Cartoon Analysis Guide,” both posted on Blackboard under Visual Arguments. Also review class notes on the subject.

identify the persuasive techniques that the cartoonist used. Refer to both text and drawings.

What do you think is the cartoonist’s opinion on the issues?  Did you find this cartoon persuasive? Why or why not? Offensive? Why or why not?

2) Write a (200 word max) body paragraph addressing the questions above.

Make sure you begin with a topic sentence for your body paragraph that identifies the specific cartoon you have chosen and the perspective you will be discussing in your paragraph. 

Provide specific evidence from the cartoon (refer to both text and drawing) to support your claims.

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