Posted: May 1st, 2021

Product history and consumer analysis for louis vuitton

Trace the advertising history of your product using a minimum of 2 advertisements for each decade. Focus in particular on how the ad strategies respond to historical, cultural and technological changes. You are also asked to use trade journals and marketing research to determine: Who were the target consumers? What were their lifestyles? Where were these ads placed? Who were the readers? The last question can help answer the question about target consumers. You are required to discuss both the demographics and psychographics of the target consumers. The length of the assignment should be no more than 7 pages. (Copies of ads are not counted toward the 7 pages). 

Specific requirements:

Product History

ØOutline the key facts & events related to your product. Key facts can include historical background, cultural shift, technological advancements and new development of test that are closely associated with the advertising strategies of your product.

You do not need to analyze specific ads for this assignment. Instead, you are expected to discuss the product history in relation to the advertising history of your product in broad strokes.

Consumer Analysis

ØUse trade journals and marketing research to determine the target consumers for your product. You should discuss both the demographics and psychographics of the target consumers.

oDemographics: race, gender, age, education, income, class, etc.

oPsychographics: the lifestyle, value, preference, etc.

ØYou can also determine the target consumers by looking at advertising images, messages and outlets. Advertisers and their agencies often openly discuss their target consumers on their websites and in trade journals.

Again, you are expected to discuss consumers in broad strokes in stead of analyzing specific ads.

Due: 3/1 before class

Organize your contents in no more than 7 double-spaced pages using the essay format. You should also include subheadings to organize your content. Do not use bullet points.

Attach 2 representative/interesting ads of your products for each decade of your choice. The attachment will not count toward the 7 pages.

You should use at least three sources provided in your annotated bibliography.

Suggested Essay Structure:


Product History

ØProduct changes over time in relation to the advertising history

ØCultural changes

ØTechnological shift

Consumer Analysis



ØChange of consumer profile over time

Discussion and conclusion 


Grading Criteria

Writing quality (80%)

Øcontent organization, grammar, argument, transition

ØSufficient details

Økey themes

Ø Relevant facts/Evidence to support your argument

ØClarify, etc.

Quality sources/sufficient sources (10%)

2 ads/decade & quality copies of ads attached (10%)

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