Posted: May 1st, 2021

Module 4 slp – accounting standards and financial statement analysis


Use the latest financial statements from Starbucks to compute ratios for the categories listed below. Use the formulae shown in the segment on “tools for financial statement analysis“.

Part I

Compute two ratios for each of the following categories.

· Liquidity ratios

· Debt service ratios

· Turnover ratios

· Profitability ratios

· Other indicators

Part II 

Write a three-paragraph memo to comment on the ratios.

· Paragraph 1: What is the purpose of computing the ratios?

· Paragraph 2: What did you learn?

· Paragraph 3: Conclusion/summary of the information.

Address the memo to your instructor. Follow APA format. See sample at the following link:

SLP Assignment Expectations

Use Excel to compute and show the ratios.

Use Word for the memo. Submit two separate documents.

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