Posted: May 1st, 2021

Due in 4 hours……….please read first……… english 100

DUE in 4 Hours…if you accept to do this it MUST be done in 4 hours!!! no late work. 

                                  READ THE ATTACHMENT and DO: 

Part 1: Summarize one anecdote that Cofer uses in her essay. Briefly describe the anecdote she includes, and explain how the anecdote helps to illustrate the main point she is making in her writing. You will need to identify what the main point is, as well.

Part 2: Write your own anecdote that you may use in Essay 1. This should be a short story that is being used to make a point about your multiple cultural identities. The anecdote should be one paragraph, about 6-8 sentences, and clearly demonstrate a point about your multiple cultures. (Please let me know what the cultures are if it is not explicitly stated in the paragraph). 

For part 2 I am latino/Mexican so just make up any situation…..

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