Posted: May 1st, 2021

Discussion: looking inward to move forward | EDUC 6357 – Diversity, Development, and Learning | Walden University

As mentioned in this week’s reading assignments and introduction, though you are completing the final week of this course, it is just a starting point of a long journey of self-discovery and social activism. Take time to think about the process of reflection, which can be defined as an intentional account of what you have learned. Keep in mind that understanding what and how you have learned can generate more that’s of learning. For the final Discussion of this course, thoughtfully consider what you have learned and how you plan to “act powerfully” with the knowledge and tools you continue to develop.

By Day 3


  • How your Reflective Journal has influenced your learning journey throughout this course and what role reflective journaling will serve for you in the future
  • Something critically important you have learned about yourself
  • How your growing awareness and understanding of the complex ways in which diversity and bias influence children’s identities and development and anti-bias education influencing your life with children as an early childhood professional, family member, and individual
  • Goals you have for yourself with regard to developing your anti-bias skills and knowledge in order to foster the well-being of children and families

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