Posted: May 1st, 2021

Authentic leadership_mba course mgt: 6334 organizational behavior | MGT 6334 Organizational Behavior: Authentic Leadership | West Texas A&M University


Based upon your reading and understanding of this week’s materials, answer the following questions. Be sure to display knowledge of all of the readings.

1. The George et al. (2007) and the Ibarra (2015) articles present different perspectives on authentic leadership. Summarize the differences in their perspectives using one sentence for each reading. 

2. Use each perspective of authentic leadership presented in the reading to analyze your own leadership.

3. What is a crucible story? How does this relate to authentic leadership? 

4. (OPTIONAL) What is YOUR crucible story related to leadership? How did it shape who you are as a leader now?

Instructions and Reading Materials:  

Read George, Sims, McLean, & Mayer (2007) “Discovering Your Authentic Leadership” (in your Harvard course pack)

5. Read Bennis & Thomas (2002) “Crucibles of Leadership” (in your Harvard course pack)

6. Read Ibarra (2015) “The Authenticity Paradox” (in your Harvard course pack)

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