Posted: May 1st, 2021

500 words english eassy | English homework help


Write a 500 words personal statement about an international student. it is for applying a program in XXX college  

Question for the essay: Tell us who you were, who you are and who you would like to be. 

Information for the eassay

-Name: Rex Wu 

-Nationality: Malaysia 

-Major: Communication studies (planning to transfer to UCXX)

-2nd Year in the college that i’m currently in  

-make up some story about Rex wu

An example of the Essay 

I am XXX, an international student from XXX. I believe that I am a competitive candidate for the scholarship. I came to XXX 2016 fall. Though it was the first semester, I take as many opportunities as I could in addition to studying hard. First, I tried to communicate with professors. It is not common to communicate with them in XXX, and I was nervous to talk to them at first. However, I often went to talk to them and asked what I needed and should learn. Their helpful advice about my learning made me feel glad to come to the XXX . Second, I joined some clubs related to improving myself more socialized. One of them is XXX, which is a volunteer club, and I participated in some volunteers.

While spending time in XXX, I applied transferring to the University of California. I would like to major in Society and Environment at XXX because I want to be part of the joint effort of saving the richness the ocean. I love eating fish since I had many opportunities to eat fish in XXX. Now, we have faced with the danger of decreasing the amount of seafood because of the environmental problems. I do not want to face the situation people cannot eat fish easily in the future.

 In XXX, there are many problems such the large decrease in the amount of seafood or the pollution of the ocean and sea waters from various chemicals. Thus, I have a firsthand experience of facing water pollution problems. In my high school, I went to XXX, a small island in XXX, in a school program. I observed that the shore of that island gets polluted as a result of garbage coming from XXX, and it makes sea pollution even worse. Actually, it did not seem really helpful to clean up because the garbage comes continuously. I could not imagine how people could pollute the ocean. However, it was a good experience that made me think about environmental problems.

Environmental pollution is a common problem all over the world. During my college, I volunteered to help to alleviate this problem. I clean up XXX Beach. Since there was still a lot of garbage, I sometimes feel I am not doing enough to help with environmental issues. I think one of the ways of having a big investment in resolving the environmental issue is to go into politics. So, I would like to study global politics if I get accepted to the university.

If I just want to be rich, many companies in XXX may allow me to work there because of speaking English. However, it does not make my life meaningful. I feel satisfied only when I work for the benefit of the society and future generations. I would like to be a part of the dedicated professionals who are aimed at reducing human footprint and saving the richness of the ocean for the future generations.

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