Week 9 | Criminal homework help

I need a paper for each assignment and the name that is next to the number so when submitted the paper’s it should be 4 paper submitted 160 words each.

assignment need to be submitted by 6:30 PST

1.) Professional Experience: Promotional Message


The professional experience assignments are designed to help prepare you for that environment. To earn credit, make sure you complete all elements and follow the instructions exactly as written. This is a pass or fail assignment, so no partial credit is possible. Assignments that follow directions as written will receive full credit. Assignments that are incomplete or do not follow directions will be scored at a zero.

For this Professional Experience, you will develop a promotional message. This can be an email, letter, infographic, image, or any other relevant material that explains why students should take a professional communications course.


  • Choose the application that you want to use to develop your promotional message (Word, PowerPoint, etc.).
  • Create your message and be sure to follow this file naming convention when saving your file:
  • Develop a promotional message of no more than one page that explains why students should take a professional communications course.

2.)  ENG 315 Please address the following:

  • Discuss three reasons for professional networking during the job-hunting process.
    • Some points to consider include ways to develop a professional network, experiences you had presenting your résumé at a job fair, or interactions on professional networking websites such as LinkedIn.
  • If you do not have experience with professional networking, do some light research into your intended career field and discuss three relevant professional organizations that may help you when looking for a job following graduation.

3.) CRJ 331Please respond to the following:

  • What factors and special factors are considered in sentencing decisions for varying offenders?

4.) CRJ 435 COLL

What Works: Prevention

  • Please refer back to Table 5.2 on page 125 of your textbook. What role does family play in preventing delinquent behavior?
  • Next, please research the concept of “Parens patriae.” Does it apply today?
  • Do you agree with this doctrine?
  • What if parents were punished for what their children do?
  • Would parents supervise their kids differently?
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