Posted: April 19th, 2021

Week 6 group project | BBM411 | Wilmington University


This week’s focus is on process design and strategy.  For this  assignment, you will work in a group to identify and analyze a current  design process.  

Here is your task:

Think about a process that you participate in as a customer (e.g. a  bank, a restaurant, a doctor’s office, airport,retail store, etc.) that  seems to operate ineffectively.   Your goal as team is to improve the  process.  

1.   Create a flowchart of the current process. You can use MS Visio  or other tool with which you are comfortable.  Use your textbook as a  guide (the opening Global Company Profile in Chapter 7 includes an  example of a flowchart).  

2.   Answer the following questions and identify specifically where in the process there is a failure:

  • Is the process designed to achieve a competitive advantage in terms of differentiation, response, or low cost?
  • Does the process eliminate steps that do not add value?
  • Does the process maximize customer value as perceived by the customer?
  • Will the process win orders?

3.   Redesign the process to bring about improvements in performance.  Create another flowchart to illustrate the new process.  

4.   Write a short summary of how and where you improved the process.

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