Posted: April 19th, 2021

Psychology models of loss, dying, grief, and bereavement

Crisis Intervention strategies

Chapter 12 – Personal Loss: Bereavement and Grief

1. Compare the Adaptive grieving model (Martin & Doka, 2000) and the Dual Process Model (Stroebe & Schut, 2001).
2. What are the similarities and differences?
3. Which seems to fit best with your style of counseling?
4. Why is that so?


The answer should be based on the knowledge obtained from reading the book, not just your opinion. 

The chapter has been attached in word.
• BOOK: Crisis Intervention Strategies- Author: Richard K. James; Burl E. Gilliland
APA Style Time New Roman 12 Font.
I am expecting a minimum of 400 words.
PLAGIARISM will be check “0 ” tolerance.
• You must answer the question completely, in a professional and well-written presentation.
• I am expecting to answer the question and justified it based on peer review literature or information in your book.
Reference must not be older than 5 years.
If other References are used in addition to the book must have:
Serial/journal articles
Volume number, in italics.
Issue number. This is bracketed immediately after the volume number but not italicized. 

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