Posted: April 18th, 2021

Acct 105: 3 page paper (must include cover page, abstract, 3 full

Write a 3 page paper addressing the following topics:

·  Explain the impact of accounting transactions in financial statements.

·  Describe the elements and purpose of each financial statement.

·  Discuss the components and use of financial analysis.

When responding to essay requirements, be as specific as you can, e.g., –

– How do you record a financial transaction?  What is their impact? Transactions are record in the journal and subsequently posted to their specific ledger accounts.

– In brief, what does each of the 4 financial statements tell a prospective investor?

– What are some of the specific tools/techniques used by financial analysts (e.g., ratios, vertical, horizontal analysis, other)?  When possible, demonstrate/apply the tool in use.

Must include cover page, abstract, 3 full pages of paper content and reference page.  Be sure to follow APA style for entire paper.  Paper will be submitted through Turnitin.

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