Posted: February 17th, 2021

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Data Science Activity-1


The following is an essay designed to evaluate your ability to research, critically think, and to write about a topic of analytics of your choosing. Part 1 is about creating an idea and Part 2 is about exploring a potential approach and methodology through the “Scientific Method” that I’ve discussed in the past two weeks. Your response should be structured, professional, and no more than two pages, single-spaced. We will be using Calibri (Body), 11-point font.

Part 1: Area of Interest

Research an area of interest and find an article related to your area of interest. Provide a summary of the article addressing the questions below. You can include a link to the article or a PDF of the article in your submission. 

  1. Why did you choose this article?
  2. What is the article about?
  3. What does the term analytics mean to you?
  4. What is a question, or topic that you are interested in      POTENTIALLY studying in this course?
  5. How does this article help you start this research, or      support the research?

Part 2: Bringing your Area of Interest to Life

There is a lot of material on the Internet related to the Scientific Method. I provided one of many different representations of the method. I want you to research the Scientific Method and answer the questions below:

6. Have you used the Scientific Method before, and if so, summarize your experience?

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7. What is the Scientific Method? What are the steps?

8. Bring your Part 1: Area of Interest to life and describe the tasks you would need to complete in order to conduct the research in the future? You do not need to form a hypothesis or conduct any specific science tasks. I am evaluating your ability to conceptual a potential business problem/question and inform the reader what steps to take if the Scientific Method was going to be used as the approach.


I will be evaluating you as follows:

¨ Was there evidence that the student watched the instruction video and formatted in the way suggested on the video? (10 points)

¨ Was the student able to meet the two-page limit, single spaced, and font requirements? 

¨ Did the student provide a link, or copy of the article in the submission? 

¨ Did the student write in a structured format with minimal spelling and grammar errors? 

¨ How was the overall content of the answers?

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