An examination of terrorism | Criminal homework help


You will complete a Research Paper providing an in-depth examination of terrorism. The paper will detail the history of terrorism as it has developed over time. Further, the paper will examine the following topics as they relate to terrorism: definitional issues; terrorist ideologies and typologies; terrorist’s tactic, behaviors, and methodologies of activity including a discussion of force multipliers; and terrorist structures and operational issues such as finance and administration will be examined. When discussing types of terrorists, you do not need to go into specific groups such and the Klan, ISIS, or the Weather Underground, etc. Instead discuss groups at the larger level such as left, right, single interests, and domestic and international. Finally, discuss whether or not the Bible speaks about or to terrorism in any way. Write at minimum a 7-full page research-oriented paper in current APA format. The paper must include at least 7 sources (which can include the class textbooks and the Bible). The paper will be submitted through SafeAssign.

Assignment Specifics: 

· Minimum of 7 full pages, not counting title and reference pages

· Fesearch-oriented paper in current APA format

· At least 7 sources

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