Posted: January 17th, 2021

Outline one page 4 hrs

I posted 2 pictures, see those 2 pictures to write my outline, and fill to the first doc, second doc is the sample, but just show u the format, everything can’t be same including references Author and content

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Your Final for this class is to write a three- to five-page compare-and-contrast research paper that investigates how two works of art from different periods styles illustrate a particular theme in art. Your comparison must focus on the artists and period styles covered in LA 121 and must include at least ONE artwork from a period style introduced after Module 7.

The pair you choose must be drawn from two different period styles. For example, you may compare a Mannerist artwork with a Baroque artwork. However, you may NOT compare a Mannerist artwork with another work from the Mannerist period.

It is important to choose two images that have a number of things in common as well as a number of unique aspects to compare.

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Try to choose works of art that you find interesting or artists that you are interested in learning more about. Stay away from simple comparisons like Michelangelo’s David versus Bernini’s David. If you have trouble finding a set to compare, consult with your instructor before you submit your proposal. You might start off with one work of art that you really know you like and your instructor can help you select one to compare it to.


Before you write your paper, you must submit a proposal for approval. Your proposal will help ensure that you are planning an appropriate comparison.

Here is the Term Paper Assignment. Please review it before you begin working on your proposal worksheet. 

ASSIGNMENT: Write a 3-5 page essay comparing and contrasting two works of art from two different styles covered in this course between the periods of the High Renaissance and Impressionism. One of your selected works of art must be from AFTER the midterm (Modules 8-14) You must cover the following points in your comparison:Introduction and ThesisIntroduce the artwork titles, period styles and artists names

Briefly state what you believe is significant about these artworks

In other words… Tell your reader what works of art you will be discussing and why you think they are important

Stylistic analysis


Your research paper must:

Be a minimum of 3-5 pages, excluding illustrations, headings, and paragraph breaks.

Be spell-checked, grammar-checked, proofread for errors not caught by your computer.

Include a heading containing your full name, ID number, class title and section, date, and instructor’s name.

Be typed and double-spaced, 12-point, Times New Roman font.

Be submitted as a Microsoft Word-compatible document (.doc or .rtf, not .docx).

Cite references used according to MLA style and include a Works Cited page at the end of your essay. You are encouraged to use A Writer’s Reference by Diana Hacker for help with MLA style, revision, punctuation, and sentence style, and A Short Guide to Writing About Art by Sylvan Barnett for specific help with comparing and contrasting artwork.

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