Posted: December 16th, 2020

Directions | Accounting homework help


Directions to complete part 1:   

A. Research Internet articles on the topic of ethical considerations for online research of a patient. Some example sites are provided.……   

B. Is researching on the Internet about a patient’s behavior ethical according to the readings for this module? Explain your answer.   

Directions to complete part 2:   

A. Research tips about protecting your privacy while doing an online search. Some sites are provided.……   

B. Instead of researching a patient directly, perform an Internet search on the disease of anorexia nervosa using two or more of the tips your read about in #1 above.   

Apply 2 or more of the “tips” listed in the article to conduct an Internet search on anorexia nervosa. Provide a brief statement on the “tips” you used to search anorexia nervosa with a description on the differences in the search results and how links opened.This assignment does not need to be lengthy although it contains multiple parts. 6-8 sentences would suffice each part.  

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